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Acor Riverwalk Bone Leather EXTRA WIDE

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The Riverwalk has a proven pattern that brings customers back again and again. These shoes are incredibly comfortable and casually stylish. It incorporates Acor's patented Tandem Closure System, which features a lace and Velcro-type closure in one. Why carry separate lace and Velcro shoes when you can benefit from both with the Riverwalk. The Riverwalk is Gender-NERIC, or unisex. Why carry separate men's and women's shoes when you can carry both in one with the Riverwalk. The Riverwalk integrates the science of walking with modern design. The soles are engineered to impart balance and comfort to each phase of the walking cycle. Made from german polyurethane, the soles are formulated to facilitate grinding and can be cemented with all purpose adhesive for easy modifications. The insole system is designed for flexibility and can be removed to allow six millimeters of extra depth for personal orthotics. For the activities of busy life, greater comfort cannot be found!