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Why Premier Orthotics? The True Custom Orthotic Difference…

PREMIER ORTHOTICS LAB, more commonly known in the industry as POL, has been designing, engineering and manufacturing the highest quality innovative custom Orthotics for over 10 years.

Our belief is set in providing the highest quality functional and accommodative orthotic devices.

Our belief is set in providing the highest quality functional and accommodative orthotic devices. Through their biomechanical intrinsic and extrinsic corrective aids our quality orthotics reflect each individuals unique foot full of balance, fit and function.

PREMIER ORTHOTICS LAB is a member of PFOLA (Prescription Foot Orthotic Laboratory Association) and is proudly Canadian in ownership and fabrication done on site with no product exported/imported from other laboratory sources. Our fabrication process sets us apart from other orthotic manufacturing laboratories. Our Orthotics are constructed from plaster corrected positives from sub-talar casted foam and plaster negative impressions. Due to demand of clientele we also use Direct Milled, CNC and 3D scanning devices. This methodology has been adopted in a more eco-friendly manner by milling out a corrected negative image into bio foam which is then plaster poured into a positive thus reducing MDF dust and waste.

Through the genuine cooperative input and efforts of PREMIER ORTHOTICS LAB’s health-care professionals on staff from the Prosthetic, Orthotic and Pedorthic Professions, PREMIER ORTHOTICS LAB will ensure that each Custom Foot Orthotic (CFO) integrates themselves fully with the individual through their gait, posture and activity levels.

Our commitment to customer service and quality sets us apart from the mass produced foot orthotic industry.

With this encapsulated into PREMIER ORTHOTICS LAB’s mindset of Customer Service and Clinical/Technical Support, PREMIER ORTHOTICS LAB sets themselves apart from the mass produced foot orthotic industry. This commitment to customer service and quality sets PREMIER ORTHOTICS LAB apart from the mass produced foot orthotic industry.

Our products are used by Health-care Professionals across Canada including Podiatrists, Chiropodists, Pedorthists, Orthotists, Chiropractors, Physiotherapists and other Foot care Practitioners.

Our Custom Foot Orthotic Line includes Functional, Accommodative, Dress, Sport, and Speciality Devices such as, UCBL, SMO and Diabetic/Arthritic.

In addition to PREMIER ORTHOTICS LAB’s wide product selection, PREMIER ORTHOTICS LAB’s has merged many of today’s top footwear lines with its CFOs to provide a unique package of design, comfort, style, function and intimate fit.

From time to time, Clinical/Technical staff at PREMIER ORTHOTICS LAB are consulted on information and recommendations on your particular case and findings from clinical assessments. The suggestions that may be offered for your Practitioners consideration are meant only to provide feedback, awareness of options unique to your case to help facilitate your Practitioners management of care for your feet, legs, hip and back. PREMIER ORTHOTICS LAB in no way offers an implied or expressed acceptance of responsibility for the inappropriate presence or lack of therapeutic outcome or patient intolerance of the Orthotics.



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